Wednesday, June 22, 2016

When Life Hands You Lemons

You're probably wondering why I'm having a drink with a wooden giraffe.  I was supposed to have drinks with a girlfriend, but when she called 30 minutes before our cocktail hour (with a legit excuse), I found myself left alone with a romper, a bottle of vodka and a wooden giraffe.  When I was younger, I would have dealt with it by pouting and changing into sweats.  Luckily, we progress and  learn to deal with life's lemons.  Cocktail hour was not completely cancelled.  I kept my romper on and poured myself a drink anyway.

Awww... and even Harley (my kitty) joined me!  There is a fashion take-away from my silly cocktail hour story.  It's about life's unexpected moments and how to deal with them.  You can't always be dressed perfectly for every occasion.  I strive to leave the house in one look that can carry throughout the day.  I've got kids, a job and an extremely busy life.  Not to mention I'm married to the most spontaneous man in the world.  My look has to cover all possibilities, and it's not always easy.
There are few suggestions I can make to help you get through your unpredictable day in style:
  • Unless you are the Queen of heels, a small wedge, block heel or flat will be your most functional option.  There's no place in your life for uncomfortable shoes.  I feel like I can take on the world when I'm in a pair of ballet flats. 
  • Dresses can be extremely versatile, but they also run the risk of too much peak-a-boo.  If there's a breeze, you're going to be sitting anywhere other than a chair, you need to be active... try a romper instead.  Problem solved.
  • A cross-body bag or stylish backpack will keep you hands-free all day.  Smart.
  • If there's any part of your look that is uncomfortable before you walk out the door, it's going to progressively get worse throughout the day.
You can't predict life.  But you can be as prepared as possible.  Find a place where fashion meets function.  When your much anticipated cocktail date turns into drinking with your cat, leave that adorable romper on and just add vodka.  I'll leave you with my favorite quote from the Indigo Girls, "you have to laugh at yourself, cause you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't".
White temporary tattoo:
Flats and Romper:

Monday, June 6, 2016

What's Trending vs. What Works

This look isn't working.  Sucks, because I love it.  It fits fairly well, I LOVE the lace and it's completely different from anything you'll see this summer.  Unfortunately, I just can't wear it out.  Two reasons: (1) I can't breathe because I'm holding my stomach in, and (2) I adjusted both the top and bottom several times before the camera snapped the picture.  Wearing this lace matching set won't happen again.  It's not worth it.  It's off to What The Frock (my friend's designer consignment boutique) to hopefully find a sweet girl with toned abs.

It's a prime example of what's trending versus what works on your body.  This look isn't working for me.  The place I am the softest, is the one place that this look is drawing your attention to.  Major red flag.  It doesn't matter how much I love matching sets, lace and crop tops... it's not working. 

Ahhhh... Now that I can breathe, let's talk about what you shouldn't wear, no matter how "in style" it is.  The whole "pain is beauty" thing is a load of crap.  That's from the old corset days when women dressed to cover and change their natural appearance.  Actually, looking natural is totally in and should be a major consideration when dressing.  Gone are the days of super tight clothing and insanely high heels.  These days, covering up and sturdy shoes are all the rage.
If your clothes or shoes are causing any of the following, it's not working:
  • Bunching, pinching or sliding
  • Uncomfortably tight
  • Dragging on the ground
  • Dangerously revealing (think, if the wind blows, will your girl parts be exposed?)
  • Causing blisters or you look silly when you walk
  • I could go on, but I'm sure you're getting it
This two piece lace set will look amazing on someone.  I got it from one of my favorite online boutiques, Love Culture.  If you haven't shopped Love Culture yet, I highly suggest you do so.  Their clothes are trendy, made of good quality and shipping is usually free for orders over $50.  Don't forget to check out What the Frock for an incredible selection of designer dresses.  This two piece set will be available soon (only worn for about 20 minutes).  Wear what works for your body and get over what's trending.