Monday, May 30, 2016

Romper Season is Back!

Hip hip hurray!  If you could see me right now, I'm doing cartwheels over and over again.  Why?  Because I'm wearing a romper and I can!!  Then, I'm going to ride my bike to my sushi lunch date and sit cross-legged under the table... Because I can.  After, I'll pick my son up from Kindergarten and shoot some hoops, because I can do it all, in a romper!

Rompers are the most versatile piece you'll own, and once you find a style you like, the possibilities are endless.  My Consulting Business has been booming this Spring.  All my Clients are calling wanting to lighten up their Spring and Summer wardrobes.  Most of them want to wear rompers, but don't know where to start.  Thank goodness they have me!  I can style a romper on anyone. 

Not sure what style of romper will look good on you?  The best way to figure it out is to try some on.  A friend and I were just having coffee the other morning and she mentioned that she tried a romper on and it looked horrible on her, so rompers must not be for her.  It was a like a knife in my heart.  Don't just give up after trying on ONE romper!  Make notes on what about that romper isn't working.  My friend's complaint was that the waist line was high and made her stomach appear pushed out, even though it wasn't.  She's right on one thing.  If your romper is unflattering, get rid of it.  My suggestion to her was to find a romper with a lower waistline.  One that can be cinched in at the hips, rather than the waist.

Here are a few guidelines on finding a figure flattering romper:  If you're a pear (your torso and waist are small and your hips and bottom are larger), find a romper that is more fitted on the top and cinches at your natural waist.  To balance the fitted top and hide your bottom, look for a romper with a flared short (similar to the style I'm wearing in picture).  Hold weight in your middle section?  Find a romper that has a drawstring or elastic waist that cinches in at the top of your hips.  One of my favorite styles of romper when I'm feeling belly bloated has a button down blouse style top, a wide elastic waist band at the hips and more fitted shorts to balance the loose fitting top.
If you're not totally familiar with rompers, I highly suggest starting at a place like Target or Forever 21.  That way you're not spending a fortune one something you're not completely committed to.  Always try your romper on before you buy.  Every romper fits differently and you'll know right away if it's too short (a wedgie is never a good look or feeling), ill fitting or too revealing.  Once you do find a romper you love, stock up!  The purple boho printed romper I'm wearing is from Target.  I love it so much that I got three of them all in different prints.  The style is also pretty universally flattering.  I just brought this same romper to a Client that didn't think she could wear rompers.  Although we're completely opposite body types, the romper looked great on her.  She loved it!

Add some fun accessories to your romper.  You can be on the go with some comfortable flat sandals, or dress your romper up with some gladiator sandals.  My tan flat sandals are from, get ready... CVS.  I'm totally into temporary tattoos and the ones I'm sporting all Summer are all white with spiritual meanings from Pure Tatts (pictured above).  I have this suede tan fringed vest (from the boutique at the Miami W Hotel, by Jennifer Miller) that goes with everything and adds a fun pop of interest to all my rompers, dresses and tops.  There's a romper out there for everyone.  If you still think you can't wear a romper, call me.  I'll accept any romper challenge.

Monday, May 23, 2016


I remember the days when skorts were faux-pas.  It was like, your mom made you wear it because you're active and she wanted to keep your undergarments concealed.  Once the mean girls on the playground got wind that your skirt was actually shorts, you were officially un-cool.  As soon as I learned about skorts the hard way, I swore them off for life.  Damn, mean girls.  You Bitches know who you are. 

Luckily, we all grow up.  I learned that my mom was right and that the mean girls are probably still mean and still not wearing skorts.  Foolish.  A skort (if you don't already know) appears to be a skirt, but actually has a pair of shorts connected underneath.  I would actually lump flouncy shorts that look like a shirt into the skort category too.  It's almost an optical illusion for function.  Talk about fashion genius.  I can't believe skorts ever got a bad reputation.

My love affair for skorts began in High School.  I played on the school tennis team and if you've ever worn a traditional pleated tennis skirt with lollies underneath, you know how uncomfortable they are.  There's no stretch, and it sits so high on your waist that you can't breath when sitting down.  Plus, I have such long legs that the skirt appeared way too short for my age.  Our coach gave us an option to purchase our own style tennis skirt and a white stretchy mini skort was the perfect solution.
I wore that tennis skort through high school and into college.  I could run, jump, ride a bike, do a cartwheel, not have to cross my legs when I sat... I could go on, but I'm sure you get it.  Skorts are awesome and with all the amazingly adorable new styles, they'll be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come.  I've scored several skorts and my preference are the ones that have a bit of flounce to them.  The shorts under the skirt give the skirt a bit more volume and you don't have to worry when I gust of wind comes, because the shorts have you covered.
Fashion rules remain the same with skorts.  To lengthen your legs, wear heels with your skort.  For a more casual look, pair your skort with a t-shirt and sandals.  If your skort is flared or flounced, balance it with a more fitted top.  If you are wearing a skort that has a straight fit, a more flowing top will compliment it.  Skorts ARE cool.  Just ask my mom. 
T-Shirt: H&M
Skort: Express
Sandals: DSW

Friday, May 13, 2016

Festival Smart

Festival season is amongst us, and I couldn't be more excited.  The music, the food, the fun... It's all good.  I've learned a lot over the years on how to enjoy festivals.  Believe it or not, the right look has a lot to do with it.  You're probably thinking, how does your look impact how much you can enjoy a festival?  A lot more than  you think.  There are two factors that effect how long you can stay and celebrate: 

1.) Comfortable shoes are everything.  I've made the mistake over and over.  I believe I spent my entire 20's making this mistake.  Between heels falling through grass or dirt, giving me blisters or sandal straps cutting into my feet, practical shoes are essential.  A sandal that you've worn before is a smart way to avoid blisters and cuts.  It doesn't matter how much fun you are having... if you're feet are bleeding, it's time to go.  Wear flats, wedges or a block heel.  Your stems sinking in the grass is never fun and will ruin your heels for good.

2.) Dress appropriately.  I'm not talking about revealing, heavy, or brightly colored clothing.  I'm talking about dressing appropriately for the venue and crowd.  I learned a lot going to the Tortuga Festival in Fort Lauderdale this year.  It was a Country Music Festival on the beach and in a tank top and denim cut-offs, I was way overdressed.  Like, every girl (whether it looked good or not), was in a thong bikini.  I guess a cheeky doesn't cut it anymore.  Next year, I know two things: a.) Wear a thong, b.) No, I'm just kidding, really just give my tickets to my college-age step-sons.  I'm too lame for Tortuga.  You'll feel much more comfortable if you go with the flow and wear something along the lines with the rest of the crowd.

Okay, so festival smart this season.  Wear fun, comfortable footwear and dress appropriately for the type of occasion.  A City Festival?  Wear your street gear.  A beach concert?  Wear your bathing suit (cover-up optional).  An outdoor evening concert?  Go for a casual dinner look, with an extra layer to stay warm when the sun sets.  My favorite festival wear has a boho vibe with a cross body bag (so you can be hands-free), a lacy pair of shorts or a skirt and a pair of gladiator sandals that I can walk in all day.  This look can go from day to night and easily be interchanged with a silk button down for dinner. 
My festival look is smart and inexpensive.  It will carry through Spring and all I have to do is exchange the long sleeve cold shoulder top for a tank in the Summer.  Wanna know where to get some amazing festival pieces at affordable prices?  My lace shorts and fringe bag are from Aspira Clothing.  Check out all their amazing and smart festival pieces from rompers to sunglasses.  My boho cold shoulder top is from H&M.  You have to check out their entire line of clothing inspired by Cochella.  My block heel lace-up sandals are Steve Madden.  Festival smart.  Festival on.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wedding Season with Cocomelody


It's wedding season!  One of my favorite times of the year.  The invitations start pouring in and as a Personal Shopper, I get a lot of calls from Brides looking for help finding the perfect dress.  I used to drag Brides all over the state looking for their perfect dress.  Unfortunately, the selection around here is sub-par and driving to New York City is usually the exhausting outcome.  I always say, "there's got to be an easier way to get a contemporary selection of affordable wedding dresses".

That day has come and the wedding dress shopping struggle is now over.  Cocomelody offers stunning wedding dresses for every Bride's taste and budget.  Love the backless trend?  They've got it covered.  More of a mermaid girl?  Cocomelody has a huge selection of mermaid and trumpet.  Personally, I like a more unique silhouette (like the one above).  I swear I've been looking for this hi-lo ruffled style dress forever and I'm shocked to find it for less than I paid for my wedding dress almost ten years ago.  At this price, a Bride can walk down the isle in one style dress and afford to change into a reception dress for the price of what she would normally spend on one.
Cocomelody offers several lines of designer wedding dresses.  Everything from LB Studio, Lily White and even Ida Torez.  Check out their entire line of wedding dresses 2016.  Even if the hundreds of wedding dress options at Cocomelody aren't exactly what you want, they have their own custom designers that will make all your dreams come true.  You can design your very own dream dress, and be sure no one will ever have the exact same one.  Usually only celebrities get that kind of personal treatment.
I know I'll be guiding my Bride-to-Be Clients to Cocomelody this Spring.  If you order a dress over $300 you get free shipping, which is huge with such a large order.  When it's time for my husband and I to renew our vows (next summer), I'll be ordering a ceremony AND reception dress from Cocomelody.  Take my advice, buy two dresses for the price of one so you can focus on your special day and not be tugging and lifting your crystal bodice.  Happy wedding dress shopping, my Loves.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Summer Vacation: Style & Beauty

Summer is almost here, which means only one thing – vacation time! If you are looking forward to it – welcome to the club! No matter what is your destination of choice, there are some must-haves you simply need wherever you go, so check out our list and make sure that you have packed everything.

1.       Makeup on Point

 Even though many girls stack their makeup bags with a bunch of different eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and eyeliners, the truth is that you won’t need that many products. Your summer makeup should be as light as possible, in order for your face not to melt down as soon as you get outside. For this reason, you should bring just the essentials such as tinted moisturiser (instead of foundation which will make your face look too cakey), bronzer for sun-kissed skin, black mascara, and your favourite lip gloss or lipstick in bright colour such as coral red or orange. That’s all!

      2.       Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Needless to say, sunscreen is a huge must-have when it comes to summer vacation, which is why you should slather on it before heading straight to the beach. Products with SPF 30 or higher are recommended, and make sure that they have both UVA and UVB protection. If you are still not convinced of their usefulness, we will just say that these precious creams prevent your skin from premature aging and skin cancer, as well as keep its elasticity and texture. If you haven’t used them yet, it’s high time you started!

        3.       Protect Your Hair
Your hair, as well as your skin, needs specific protection during hot summer days, particularly because sun rays can damage your dyed hair. UV protectant spray is a must, as well as sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner which don’t contain colour-stripping detergents that are found in other similar products. You should also know that humidity causes frizz in your hair, so be prepared for that, too. There are numerous sprays that are meant for heat-styling which will protect your hair colour from going dull, so make sure that you have them in your beauty arsenal this summer.

        4.       Fashion Essentials

When it comes to fashion essentials, the situation is pretty clear this summer – maxi dresses and leather gladiator sandals will once again be huge hits on streets all over the globe. A black dress made of lightweight material can really do wonders, especially when combined with layers of gold or silver long necklaces that bring an amazing contrast. Besides that, floral print will once again be very popular among the girls, since it provides the most feminine vibes ever, no matter on which piece you find it. Denim shorts and button downs in some bright colours can be your go-to choices when it comes to evening walks, and such a combo will be easily transformed into a perfect outfit for a crazy night out by adding chunky bracelets and statement necklaces. When it comes to packing, don’t forget to find a perfect luggage or a travel bag. My recommendation is always Antler travel bags. Practical yet stylish!

        5.       Fabulous Swimwear

 The last and the most important part of your summer vacation is definitely your swimwear, so make sure that you have chosen a bikini that fits your body type in the best possible way. A black one will always do the trick – such a piece is timeless and always trendy. On the other hand, one-piece is making a huge comeback this year, and we can see so many different models – from monochromatic ones, to those with sexy cutouts in vibrant colours. Just don’t forget to pair it up with big floppy hat and funky flip-flops, and you will be good to go! Going through latest swimwear trends is a must when it comes to finding a perfect trendy beach look!

 As you can see, summer is just around the corner and you will have to pack your bags and head straight to some exotic destination with the most fabulous beaches ever. Just try to stick with our vacation guide and you will do just fine – you will inevitably have the time of your life!




Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Free People

It all began with a poker game.  It was a warm Spring day in Maine in 2005.  I was on my lunch break at my favorite local Pub on Commercial Street and I had been roped into playing a quick game of poker with my then boyfriend's (now my husband's) friends.  I can't remember the details, but I do remember smoking a bunch of "Old Boys" at their own game and walking away with $200.  My first instinct was to walk across the street and put the money in the bank, but that day I went with my first impulse.  I walked straight up to my favorite boutique, Club 21 and shopped my little heart out.

I spent the entire $200 on a new line they carried called, Free People.  In 2005 in Maine, Free People was basically unheard of.  Bohemian had just made it's comeback since the 70's and it embodied everything I loved about fashion.  See, my parents were Hippies and I consider myself a "Free Spirit" (a.k.a. modern day hippie), so boho is a natural style I gravitate towards.  That day, I bought a Free People: dress, jeans, leg warmers and a gauzy top with my poker winnings... which turned into a love affair that will probably last a lifetime.
Now, Free People is killing it.  Although Club 21 closed shortly after my shopping spree, you can find Free People at most department stores (Macy's, BonTon, Nordstrom, etc.).  With the Bohemian trend going strong, Free people balances comfort with style.  They specialize in pieces that are interchangeable and made for layering until your hearts desire.  They offer a full line of clothing all the way from undergarments to outerwear.  Their clothing is moderately (in my opinion) priced, but if you shop smart, you can hit a sale and get your pieces up to 50% off.
If you don't already own a million pieces by Free People, you soon will.  I don't see the boho trend going anywhere.  Actually, I see it staying strong for a long time, which means stock up on all the Free People you can.  It's comfortable, high quality clothing that you can pass down to your kids (because we all know that the boho trend will be back).  My Free People denim mini dress can be worn with a pair of tights or leggings in the Fall, a pair of wedge sandals in the summer and I paired it perfectly for Spring with my Chelsea Booties.  It's incredibly versatile and I did score it at a fraction of the original retail price through multiple discounts at Macy's.