Friday, May 30, 2014

It's BOHO, Not HOBO!

A trend that's been around for ages, is the boho (short for bohemian) look.  Think hippy, but a bit more refined.  Fringed bags, floral or braided headbands, beaded sandals, round framed glasses, printed pants, skirts and dresses, etc.  The boho look is huge right now, and I'm totally eating it up!  The pieces are cute, comfortable and easily can be transitioned from casual to dressy with different accessories.  What's making me bonkers is that the Hipsters are taking "boho" way too extreme.  The busted up sandals, the greasy hear, the dirty black ensemble... It's pretty gross, if you ask me.
Not sure how to start dressing boho the right way?  Pairing printed palazzo pants with a lace crop top (pictured above) is a contemporary approach to the look.  Try a floral headband (worn across the forehead), or pick up a pair of heart shaped sunglasses.  A little bit of boho goes a long way.  Keep it clean, keep it in balance and keep in mind that boho doesn't mean hobo.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sporty Chic- Track Pants

I remember shopping with my Mother-in-Law for an outfit for my wedding.  She specifically requested NO dresses or skirts and I was instantly stumped.  What, no dress?  She ended up looking fabulous for the special day,  in pants, and it left me with the notion of looking chic without wearing a dress.  Flash forward eight years later and voila, track pants.  They're lightweight, have an elastic waist (YES!) and can be worn to any occasion.  The key to keeping the look chic and not too sporty (like your showing up for a track meet), is all about what you pair them with.  Try a heel or flat with an ankle strap and let a little peep of skin show above the strap.  Keep the top simple.  The pants should (and will) be the star of the outfit.  I get compliments every time I wear them.  Your next special event, try track pants.  I got this entire outfit (top, pants and heels) at Nordstrom Rack for under $90.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crop Top

My dear friend (and Stepson's girlfriend), Miranda, stopped by the other day.  She walked through the door and I immediately complimented her adorable crop top and hi-lo skirt ensemble.  She was kind enough to pose for a few pictures, because I have been dying to do a blog post on crop tops, but couldn't pull the look off myself.  My first attempt at a crop top was this past fall and found that the combination of a high waist skirt and my least flattering body part produced a very uncomfortable evening.  Although I pulled it off, I couldn't breath all night!  Since that experience, I have decided that a bare midriff is a thing of the past (for me, at least).  I still love the look and unless you have rock hard abs (like Miranda), there are ways to wear a crop top without exposing your skin.  You can either pair a crop top with a high waist skirt or pant.  That way you eliminate the gap in between the two pieces.  You can also layer a sheer top under your crop top so that there's a peak of skin through the piece underneath, but your not fully exposed.  Either way you sport the look, crop tops are a huge trend this summer and you don't have to be a supermodel to pull it off.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I know.  You're probably thinking, what does spring cleaning have to do with fashion?  Well, for those of us in the Northeast, it means spring is finally here (and my legs need to be shaved immediately)!  It was one long and brutal winter for every region, and I think we are all celebrating a lighter wardrobe.  I find a common problem is that people have way too much clutter in their closet.  It really can be overwhelming when your looking for the perfect outfit.  The solution?  Pack everything that is not seasonally appropriate away.  I use big Rubbermaid storage bins to pack anything I won't be wearing for the summer (and the vice versa for winter).  The best part about changing your clothes over every season is that you feel like you just scored a whole new wardrobe!  Take the time to pack away your unseasonable pieces and simplify your closet... and life.  Need help?  Call me.  I'm a pro at this stuff.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Distressed Boyfriends

No, I'm not talking about all those poor saps I broke up with in college.  Distressed boyfriends are what I call my new favorite style of jeans (pictured above).  They sit low on your hips and fit looser through your legs.  I've seen this look even baggier, but I prefer my jeans to be a bit tight on my butt.  Always avoid a dumpy butt!  One thing to keep in mind when rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans is to keep the rest of the look very feminine.  Go for ballet flats or heels for shoes and a lace or silk top will help balance your boyfriends.  The best part of this look is that anyone of any height or weight can wear these.  A little short?  No problem, because the look should be rolled at the bottom.  Have big hips?  Boyfriend jeans are great for hiding that!  Go ahead and give them a try.  I got my distressed boyfriends at American Eagle (they carry Extra Long) for $39.