Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daytime Sequins

Oh sequins.  They're like the forbidden fruit of daytime fashion.  You know they look fabulous, but you also know they're reserved for evening wear, but they look so good with my outfit!  What to do?  This day I said, "screw it".  I wore a gold sequined blazer to a lunch meeting.  The result was an overwhelming amount of comments.  They ranged from, "Oh, I love that gold top" to "Well that's a bright jacket for lunch". 
Ya know what, Lady?  I don't care.  My gold sequined blazer may be a bit "bright", but it's awesome and the perfect compliment to my green skinny khakis and floral tank.  In my opinion, fashion rules are meant to be broken.  I love the idea of blowing someone's mind with a risky fashion statement.
A seemingly inappropriate fashion piece can totally work if done in the right way.  Go ahead and throw a sequined blazer over a wintery look.  If it feels good, then it will probably look good and if it doesn't, people will be sure to let you know.  I got my blazer at a boutique in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and can't for the life of me remember what the store was called.  Sorry.  The skinny green khakis are from American Eagle and so is the tank.  The camel wedge booties are from Target.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shopping Tip #4: Never Pay Full Price

As a Personal Shopper, I have learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to getting more bang for your buck... Which means never paying full price.  I was in love with these (pictured above) Gucci sunglasses when they first came out at the end of the summer.  I couldn't find them in any stores locally, so I went on the Gucci website to see if they were even slightly in my price range.  They weren't even close.

Flash forward to last week, I'm shopping for a client in the accessories department of Nordstrom Rack and see "my" Gucci sunglasses.  Shut up.  I lost all concentration on my task at hand and quickly put them on.  They looked as fabulous as I had hoped.  I turned them on their side, closed my eyes and opened them (I guess hoping for a miracle) and BAM... a miracle from the Gucci Gods.  They were a fraction of the original retail price.

At the bottom of my receipt, it read, "Congratulations!  You saved more than you spent.  You're a shopping genius" (pictured above).  I mean, I don't want to brag, but yes I am.  It's a good lesson learned: Never pay full price.  If you absolutely love something and it's out of your price range, put it down and walk away.  If it's meant to be, you'll find it again at the price that fits your budget.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Drop Waist

One of my many obsessions this year has been drop waist dresses and skirts.  The shape is fitted along the waist and hips and then flares out at the bottom.  This is not only incredibly flattering, but also really comfortable.  We first started seeing this style on wedding dresses.  A long fitted bodice with a flared skirt starting just where your legs meet the torso.  Now, the drop waist style is everywhere and really easy to pull off.
I can't think of anything more uncomfortable than high waisted bottoms.  They pinch and squeeze your abdomen, and if you have any type of tummy, they look more like "bad mom jeans" than a fun trend.  Make sure there's some stretch in your drop waist dress or skirt.  That way it grazes over your middle section instead of squeezing it.
A drop waist style is ideal for anyone who wants to hide their hips and make their legs look thinner, which is a rare and winning combination  The look flares out right where you want it to.  Your hips are hidden by the long ruffle and your legs come out looking long and lean. 
I highly suggest giving the drop waist look a try.  It's flattering, comfortable and leggings and tights are always appropriate for layering underneath in the winter months.  The long sleeve patterned drop waist dress I'm wearing (pictured above) is from BCBG and can be worn day or night.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Layer Up & Keep Warm

I'm a Maine Girl.  Born and raised.  I tried to resist it for a while and realized embracing it is much more attractive.  Winters here are brutal and trying to look "cute" rather than "realistic" is just straight dumb.  I'm over suffering and now I'm all about layering... out of pure necessity. 

Layering is pretty easy if you keep it simple.  It's all about proportion.  When layering your top half, remember to contrast your hem lengths.  For example, in the picture above, I have on a baby t-shirt (fitted cropped tee) for warmth and zero bulk under my cashmere white sweater.  The sweater goes just to my hips, so the top layer needs to either be longer or shorter than the sweater.  I went with a cropped black leather jacket. 

Layering on the bottom has everything to do with your shoes and the proportions of your top.  My acid wash boyfriend jeans didn't tuck well into boots, so instead I wore a pair of booties that wouldn't interfere with the hem.  If you want to wear higher boots, wear a "skinny" (meaning style not size) pant that your boot can layer over.  My number one tip for layering on the bottom: wear two pairs of socks on your feet.  They're much less likely to get cold or wet.

Even jewelry and accessories can be layered.  A long necklace looks great on necklines that are high and shorter necklaces compliment a lower one.  Unless you want your necklace to have a "collar look", but that's for another blog.  If your hair is down, studs are a great option for earrings, but when your hair is up or short, opt for a more bold look.  Keep in mind gloves when your putting on rings, watches and bracelets.  Sometimes they can feel and look a bit bulky.

Layering is a necessity in the cold.  Fashionably and functionally speaking.  Remember proportions to avoid looking bulky.  Have fun with it!

*Photo and vehicle credit: Filomena Troiano
*Leather Jacket: Target, cashmere white sweater: TJ Maxx, boyfriend jeans: American Eagle & black booties: DSW

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Legally and ethically, I always ask a person's permission before I put their picture up on my blog.  Teresa was flattered to be on my blog the first time, but when I forwarded this picture (above), she was a bit hesitant.  She said, "but I'm wearing the same dress you blogged about the first time and everyone's going to think I'm always drinking wine"!
First of all, we're at a dinner party in this picture and she better be drinking wine or I'd be the only one.  Second of all, if you have a dress that looks amazing on you, you'd be a fool to not wear it over and over again.  Unless you're super wealthy, then you're probably not reading my blog about everyday fashion on a budget. 
Yes, Teresa looks amazing again in her Animal Print Dress from LOFT.  This time she paired her dress with black tights and knee high leather boots for a sexy evening look.  SEE... we really do wear featured items on my blog! 
I'm wearing two looks I've featured on my blog.  The first are my absolute favorite leggings in the world: Faux Leather Leggings from Old Navy.  I layered them with another of my wardrobe staples, a Peplum Top from  Just proof that I always stand by my blog!