Monday, November 21, 2016

Holiday Shopping Special

The holidays are are a wonderful time of year.  Filled with family, friends, traditions... and stress.  The pressure of buying the perfect gift and looking amazing for all those holiday parties can build up and take the fun out of the true meaning of the celebration.  I can help.

My name is Chelsea K. Ray and I'm a Fashion Consultant.  I specialize in Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Organization.  With a Degree in Fashion from USC and over ten years experience helping Clients, family and friends with their shopping and styling needs, I can help.  There are a few variations of Personal Shopping services I offer, along with a holiday special that you may not know even know existed.

Wracking your brain, thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone?  Consider giving (or asking for) the gift of Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Organization to a friend or family member this Holiday Season.  The first hour is always FREE and Gift Certificates can be sent to you or directly to the person receiving.

Personal Shopping Services*:

*All Personal Shopping services begin with a FREE Client Consultation to determine Client's needs, budget and goals.  The Client can decide whether they would like to purge items at that time, or schedule another time to organize wardrobe.

Option 1:  Client hires Personal Shopper to assist in shopping.  Sticking to budget and previously discussed goals, Personal Shopper will help Client achieve a more fashionable wardrobe, while teaching techniques in efficient shopping and methods to flatter Client's body-type.
*This option requires Client to be present in the shopping process.  Client will need to try clothing on in store.

Option 2:  Client hires Personal Shopper to purchase pieces for them.  Sticking to budget and previously discussed goals, Personal Shopper will select pieces and present them to Client in the comfort of home or office.  Client purchases pieces they want to keep and Personal Shopper returns any pieces the Client does not want or does not fit.

Special Occasion Shopping:  Client hires Personal Shopper to purchase a full look for a special occasion.  The Client can decide whether they would like to use option 1 or option 2 for this process. 

Holiday Personal Shopping Special:  Client hires Personal Shopper to purchase gifts for them.   Sticking to budget and items listed, Personal Shopper will select gifts and present them to Client in the comfort of home or office.  This process saves Client time, frustration of lines, parking and stress.  Personal Shopper will also beautifully wrap presents, upon request.

If you're interested in hiring a Personal Shopper, please give me a call or e-mail.  In the meantime, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for weekly fashion Blog posts that specialize in affordable and accessible fashion.

Chelsea K. Ray
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-A special thanks to my stunning Model and friend, Zephila McDonough.

Friday, November 11, 2016


The topic of bodysuits is very personal to me.  Growing up, I was insecure about my height and weight.  See, in sixth grade I was six feet tall.  In the process of growing a foot in six months, I never gained a pound.  I had no hips, no boobs and if pants fit my waist, they were way too short.  I like to call it my "awkward years" and the result was a young girl who became very self-conscious.  Sad story.  I know.  It gets better, I promise.

Half way through sixth grade, my mom could tell I was struggling with my appearance and took me shopping.  She took me to my favorite store, KMart (I still love KMart, by the way).  Ironically, what was in style then, is almost parallel to what's in now.  Bodysuits were all the rage and I discovered that boy's pants come in different inseams (what?!).  It was my uniform.  Boys colored jeans, super tight bodysuits, a pair of chucks and a choker... and my first fashion compliment.  Not only was it my first fashion compliment, but it was from a boy.  A boy I liked.

I want to thank that boy for that moment that changed my life.  It may sound dramatic, but at that moment in sixth grade... I realized the purpose of fashion.  When you look good, you feel good and dressing your body to compliment what your mama gave you is what it's all about.  Knowledge is power and fashion works exactly that way.  Luckily for me, the boys eventually caught up with my height and I finally got some boobies and hips.  It took a few years, but my awkward body balanced out and my love for fashion grew.

Back to the topic at hand, bodysuits.  They're totally back in style from the 90's and you'd think I'd be sporting them daily.  Ironically, I only own one because my body now is completely different from my sixth grade body.  See bodysuits are designed for girls with exact opposite body type as mine.  I'm an apple.  Thin arms, thin legs and a thick waist.  Not exactly a flattering garment with a fitted bodice and predetermined length.  A bodysuit should be paired with a bottom that is either high-waisted or loose-fitting for balance.  I did find one bodysuit that fits perfectly once matched with a fit and flare faux leather skirt.

If you do have a slim waist and a normal length torso, bodysuits are great for you.  If you have large breasts, a long torso or a fuller waist, I highly suggest to avoid this trend.  I will give bodysuits credit that they were the start of my love for fashion, but as I get older, knowing what works and what doesn't, you probably won't see me in many.  The snappy crotch, the breast flattening aspect... I'm good.  The bodysuit has a much more powerful meaning to me, than fashionable purpose.

My bodysuit is from Target.  
The skirt is from TJMaxx.  
The boots are Aldo 
The black choker is Forever21.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ryka Boots

Prime example of what I've been telling y'all for years... "Read fashion magazines for inspiration, (beyond my fabulous blog)".  I subscribe to three major fashion magazines (InStyle, People- Style Watch and Glamour).  None of which are known for high-end brands and all are known for featuring high-end... for less.  As much as I love Chanel, it's just not in my budget to bathe myself in it.  So in the meantime, I look for practical and unique pieces that I can actually afford.  

I wish I could take the credit, but Style Watch featured these Ryka: Microfiber and rubber boots in their November 2016 Issue (pictured above).  I instantly fell in love and ordered them in navy.  I knew they were going to be comfortable, but these boots are beyond.  The sole of them is made of a light rubber material, sort of like Crocs.  The microfiber top part is waterproof and you can lace them up to keep snow and rain out.  At $70 ($60 if you sign up to receive their e-mails), these boots are an amazing deal and incredible quality.

A few things to keep in mind when ordering these Ryka boots: They come with a second color of laces, so you can change the look of them depending on your outfit.  They run true to size, or maybe a half size big, but in the winter that just means you can layer an extra pair of socks under them for an extra cozy look.  They're super light and a cross-over from a sneaker to a boot, so expect to run, jump and take the stairs in them.  I'm completely in love and I've already fair-warned my husband that I'm ordering another pair in black.  A girl has to have options.

Winter is fast approaching.  Make sure you're ready with some fashion meets function Ryka boots.  Click HERE to shop all the amazing colors and sizes Ryka offers.