Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weekend Boss

I've come to terms with the fact that my seven year old is more "Boss" than I am.  Of course I tell him when it's time to go to bed, when he has to do his homework and to scrub behind his ears better in the tub, but it never fails, going outside and playing basketball always trumps a load of laundry.  He wins every time!  We go to Target and I have a list of ten things I need.  We spend five minutes running through the store grabbing the things I need, then spend 30 minutes in the toy isle.  He's just Boss.

To keep up with the Boss, I tend to keep my weekend attire comfortable and casual.  Sneakers are almost essential in keeping up with an active seven year old boy.  He's so fast.  Like, super fast.  He wants to play basketball, then he wants to ride bikes, then he wants to go to the playground and play with friends, etc.  All of this happens before 10am, mind you.  If I was wearing heels, I'd never be able to do all those things.  I can be active and comfortable in sneakers. 

Skinny jeans aren't for everyone, and I get that.  I wear all styles, but I can be my most active and comfortable in my super soft jeggings.  Jeans will never go out of style, as long as you follow the jean-paring-number-one-rule: Balance.  When I wear skinny jeans, I balance my form fitting bottom with a more loose top.  A tight, revealing top with super skinny jeans is out of style.  To compliment a wide-leg or flare jean, a more fitted top or a top with a revealing accent (such as cold shoulders, low cut tops, sheer accents, cropped tops, etc.) is the perfect compliment for a balanced look.

And of course my weekend look isn't complete without my (hat) "reminder to self", who the BOSS really is...  Mike.  Yup, he's still Boss.  Whether you have kids or not, remember to keep your weekend look functional, comfortable and casual.  Your productivity rate goes up when you look and feel good.  Have a great day!

Hat: Some shop in MIAMI
Top: Boutique of Molly
Jeggings: Express
Sneakers: Nike

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Method to the Shopping Madness

You walk into a store for one of two reasons: 1) The name of the store is something you like/recognize, or 2) You like what you see.  I have walked into countless stores that have displays that are inconsistent with their merchandise available.  It's a bit of false advertising if you ask me.  That's why I like to stick to retailers that give you exactly what you see. 

Take this display (above) at H&M, for example.  Even seen from outside the store, front and center are three mannequins tastefully wearing their featured Spring pieces.  If these looks don't make you want to shop at H&M, then nothing will.  They're also smart that they display this line of Spring fashion and then directly behind the display is the merchandise available for sale all on one or two racks.  There's no guessing game.  You like the blouse with the shorts, they're right there... on the same rack.  There is a method to retailers madness.

Not all retailers are as dialed in as H&M, but most of them do have sales associates that can help you find the displayed merchandise you're looking for.  Actually, that's usually why a sales associate is working in retail.  They enjoy helping customers put looks together.  You won't get the personal attention or knowledge of a Personal Shopper, but they will have knowledge of what's in stock and where it's located.

Despite the feeling of defeat when you walk out of a store empty handed, the retailer did not intend that.  I always encourage Clients to look up.  Look at the mannequins, look at the merchandise hanging on the walls, look at one section at a time.  The front of the store is going to have the newest featured items.  If there are multiple rooms to the store, each room usually has a fashion theme.  One room will feature contemporary clothing, one room will have casual and the sale or clearance items are usually in the back. 
Focus on a room or rack that speaks to you.  When I walk into H&M, I scroll through the front, but usually walk pretty quickly to the back room to their DIVIDED collection.  I would describe it as their "juniors" department, but what it really is, is their more trendy pieces for a fraction of the price of all the featured pieces in the front.  Just a little secret to my followers.  You're welcome.
Don't fight the mannequins in stores.  They're just trying to tell you what is new and available inside.  If they speak to you (figuratively I mean.  If they're speaking to you literally, then you're reading the wrong blog), check out the racks around the display.  You may just find an entire adorable outfit all on one rack!  That's shopping success.  If you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, call me and I'm happy to help you through the shopping madness.  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Nobody's Business Romper

It's no secret that I LOVE rompers.  I wear them for almost everything.  High school reunions, weddings, a night out on the town, lunch with the girls... You name it and I've probably done it in a romper.  I mean, let's get real.  Rompers are kind of like a dress, but better.  I love the idea of going into your closet, pulling one piece out and knowing that there's no confusion of whether your pieces coordinate.  I also love that you can run, jump, swing and do a cartwheel in a romper.  You can't do that in a dress.
Until now, I would have said that rompers are too playful for work.  A work picnic, maybe, but to actually have a business meeting in a romper?  Traditionally, I would say no.  Well people, I have made a fashion discovery that will change romper limits forever.  It took a boutique called Stay Fierce to show me the error in my ways.  This romper is all business and I felt confident wearing it to a meeting with an executive.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping for a business romper.  1.) The hem length should be appropriate for an office.  To be honest, the length of the shorts on this romper appear to be a bit short on me, but it's only an optical illusion.  The inseam is at least three inches, but my insanely long legs make it appear to be on the short side.  2.) Your romper should have at least 3/4 sleeves.  If your business romper is sleeveless or short sleeved, wear a blazer or cardigan to cover your shoulders and arms.  3.) Lastly, steer clear of floral print, ruffles or an obnoxious color like bright yellow on a business romper.  Which ironically, is exactly what you SHOULD look for in a weekend romper.
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A huge thank you to Stay Fierce Boutique for breaking my glass ceiling romper boundaries.  Check out all their amazing pieces at affordable prices HERE.  Use promo code: CHELSEAKRAY for 15% OFF your entire order!  I look forward to many more business and non-business meetings in this awesome romper.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Heels: Nine West