Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good Old Trudy

I have a dress (pictured above) that is almost ten years old and still looks as good as the day I bought it.  I call her Trudy and she's never let me down.  I bought Trudy on Clearance at Cache, with intentions on wearing it for a more conservative event.  Then I wore it again to dinner on vacation.  Then I wore it to a wedding.  Then... well you get the idea.  Trudy is one of those dresses that works for almost any occasion.  Depending on how much wear and tear Trudy got, I either dry clean her first or if she's not soiled, carefully fold her and put her back in my "special" Rubbermaid bin.

Having one go-to dress (or Trudy) is essential.  It's rare to find a garment that is appropriate for almost any occasion and when you do, you should take extra special care of it.  I can't remember how many times I have been standing in my closet amongst thousands of pieces of clothing saying, "I just don't know what to wear".  When in doubt, I pull Trudy out.

Trudy never stops being a great dress for several reasons.  First of all, it's a faux wrap dress which is universally flattering on every body type known to woman. There's a ton of stretch, so 10 lbs. here and 5 lbs. there doesn't make a difference.  Trudy has a perfect balance of 3/4 length sleeves, so you can wear it for warm or cool occasions.  The length is a few inches above my knee, but still appropriate for a work event.  There's just the right amount to cleavage showing where my breasts are not exposed, but still has an element of sexy.  My favorite part of Trudy is the dark floral print.  It not only hides any bumps and bulges, but also gives it a warm tropical feel.

The picture above is the last time I wore Trudy.  On vacation, at dinner, in Charleston, SC, last Fall.  She's happily tucked away in her bin and I'm sure she'll come out again soon and make an appearance.  If you don't have a dress like Trudy, make it a shopping priority (or just call me and I'll help you find the perfect one).  Wrap dresses or shift dresses always look classic.  You'll be so happy one day when you're digging through your closet thinking, "I have no idea what to wear".  Trudy is always a great choice!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Boho Glam

I'm a huge fan of the boho (short for bohemian) look that's trending right now.  Actually, I've been a fan since college.  I remember my Fashion Professor from USC asking me what's my favorite trend of 2003.  I proudly stood up in class in my distressed bell bottom jeans and off white fringed top and said, "Duh, Boho".  Just like most great trends, it's back full force.

You may remember my post about a year ago, It's BOHO, Not HOBO!.  I was frustrated with all the Hipsters taking the boho trend and making it grungy.  Boho is not a grungy look at all.  Think, "music festivals in the 70's.  Floral headbands, platform shoes, bell bottom pants, fringed bags.  A current comparison would be Coachella.

I actually like to glam my boho look up a bit.  Instead of boho head to toe, add some statement jewelry or a pair of mile high wedges.  Unexpected accessories are a great way to add glam to your look.  The stunning statement necklace and earrings are from Chloe & Isabel.  Their line of jewelry is a perfect compliment to any look, especially the boho glam!  A lot of their pieces can be changed from statement to simple, so you get lots of looks with just one piece.  I love it all!

Always remember, It's BOHO, not HOBO!  Add a bit of glam to your boho look to keep it current and tasteful.  My crocheted white top is from H&M, the bell bottom floral pants are Forever21, black wedges are Steve Madden from Burlington Coat Factory and the jewelry is Chloe & Isabel.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Guest Blog on: Marina Says

Today I had the privilege of doing a Guest Blog on: Marina Says.  My favorite part is, it's all about ME! 
Click here to read it!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Black Denim

Want to add some edge to your look?  Black denim is the perfect piece to toughen up your look.  Pair black skinnies with heels and a crisp blouse for a look that's edgy without looking scary.  Get a pair at for under $22! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Thank goodness the foliage is finally out and Spring has officially sprung.  The contrast in colors, from the green grass to the white flowers to the blue sky makes for a much more attractive outdoor shoot.  With that said, it's finally appropriate to wear sheer pieces without full coverage under or over.  In cooler temperatures, I would put a brightly colored camisole under my sheer lace top* and probably toughen up the look with a cropped leather jacket.  Luckily, it's warm enough that I was able to wear a bright colored bralette underneath and that's all.

I feel as though fashion has really gravitated toward the sheer trend in the past five years.  I remember shopping and thinking, this is cute, but I also have to buy something to go underneath it because it's see through.  How annoying!  I had to buy 2 shirts for one look?  Well, luckily, I have slowly began to incorporate layering pieces into my wardrobe and no longer have to always buy something to go underneath a sheer piece.  I don't see the sheer trend going anywhere any time soon, so I highly suggest doing the same.

It's smart to stock up on camisoles in basic colors and brights.  You'll wear them under everything year round.  Also, if you're bold enough to just sport a bra underneath a sheer top, bralettes (a decorative bra that can be worn as a top) are all the rage right now.  I just stocked up on some from Forever21 for under $10 a piece.  Although be sure that your bralette and top are not BOTH sheer.  Nipples are never a good look.

The sheer trend doesn't stop at tops.  I've seen a lot of skirts that have a opaque mini under a long sheer maxi.  A little sexy, but still appropriate for a BBQ.  If you're feeling really bold, my favorite sheer bottom look is a pair of lace or chiffon pants with a pair of hot pants underneath.  If you're loving the sheer pants look but want something a little more conservative, a pair of fitted shorts will give you the coverage you need. 

Sheer is a trend that is here to stay, so stock up on layering pieces and embrace it.  I highly suggest doing a pop of color under something sheer to keep it looking current and playful. 

*My sheer lace top is from TJ Maxx, the pink maxi skirt is from and the bralette is from Forever21.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Stunning.  My girl, Zephila* is stunning in this red maxi.  It helps that she's gorgeous, but maxis really are the most universally flattering clothing piece around.  Mini skirts were all the rage for centuries, but unless you have great legs, they really weren't practical.  Maxis offer more coverage, which makes them not only more comfortable, but also makes your look more appropriate for almost any occasion. 

I love everything about Zephila's maxi dress, but what makes it so flattering on her body is the shape and her fabulous shoes.  The top and skirt of the dress are soft and flowing, and the waist is cinched in to show definition.  It's an incredibly feminine silhouette that looks good on everyone. 

Shoes can be tricky with maxis.  In my opinion, select your shoes based on the length.  You do not want your maxi dragging on the ground.  It won't hang flatteringly on your hips and you'll be tripping over it all day.  Grazing the ground is a better look.  Or, if you're wearing some amazing heels and want to show then off, let your maxi hit the top of your foot (like Zephila's). 

If you don't own a maxi dress or skirt, I highly suggest trying one.  You can find them in all price ranges and you'll find it's an appropriate piece to wear to almost any occasion. 

*Zephila Rossiter is mother of a beautiful 5 year old. In addition to having a full family life with her daughter and fiance', she is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to becoming a better version of herself everyday. She loves being of service to women in her community through mentoring. Zephi has an extensive background in the restaurant industry at many capacities. Her love for fashion and beauty brought her to becoming an esthetician and make-up artist in Boston. She is now owner of her future through a network marketing company called Arbonne.

This is where all the pieces fit together, with her love of people and helping women beautify and feel good about themselves. Her business combines these two things perfectly. She found Arbonne 2 years ago and now has a growing business with this health and wellness company that has given her a plan for her families future; and an avenue to help others with their health and wealth. She helps women and men look and feel their best. True beauty and wellness from the inside out. Arbonnne educates people about toxin prevention through pure and safe products. Zephi loves sharing these products and this business opportunity with people hugely because it has changed her life so significantly. 

Dress was $17 at TJ Maxx on clearance
Shoes: $7.99 at Mardens on clearance
Earrings: $20 at TJ Maxx
Arbonne necklace: Gift

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Feminine Tops

This season is all about light and floral feminine tops.  Keep the rest of your look understated and make a lace blouse (like the one pictured above) do all the talking.  You can find this and hundreds of other feminine tops at

Monday, May 4, 2015

Matching Sets

Matching sets are what I like to call a, "no brainer".  You put on the exact matching piece that came with it.  Could the Fashion Gods make it any easier?  This trend is awesome.  I mean, I've spent hours, maybe even days searching in stores for the perfect compliment to a skirt I bought.  The matching set trend is not only hot for summer, it's here to stay.  The Fall Fashion runways were jam packed with matching set.
Of course there are some rules to making this trend work.  Just because a top and bottom match, doesn't make it a matching set.  You have to be very bold and very fashion forward to pull off print from head to toe.  I actually suggest NOT trying that look at home.  My matching set* (pictured above) is about the most I'll go with print on the top and bottom.  The short sleeves on the top and length of the skirt give the look enough balance that the print isn't taking over.  If you like the idea of a bold print, keep it to a short length look or just have print on one piece. 

A matching set isn't just the same print on top and bottom.  Sears did a great campaign for Bongo and the featured look was a matching set of a printed floral top with a solid skirt.  An adorable look that is a perfect example of not being too matchy.  If you're a matching set novice, I suggest starting with something like this look above.  Or try a two piece suit.  Always a classy look.

Another way to wear a matching set that doesn't involve clothes at all are with your accessories.  We've been doing this trend for centuries and it's still holding strong.  I even like to wear my matching set of clothing with a matching set of jewelry.  I paired my floral matching skirt set with a gorgeous matching set of silver jewelry from my new favorite line Chloe & Isabel.  This jewelry line specializes in versatility.  Dangling statement earrings can be transformed into simple studs, necklaces can go from short to long or (the one I'm wearing) can go from 3 to 2 to 1 strands.  The matching set of jewelry (which also includes a gorgeous bracelet you can see in the full body picture above) can be worn several different ways, which gives you a huge bang for your buck.
The matching set trend is full on.  Whether it's a cute skirt set, a full two piece suit or matching accessories, you'll always be on point.  It's a great investment in your wardrobe and you'll see this trend last all year.
*My matching floral skirt set is from H&M.  The socks and booties are from DSW.  The silver matching set of jewelry is Chloe & Isabel.