Monday, January 30, 2017

I Made a Dress!

Pretty dope, right?  I'm not going fool anyone and say it was easy.  It took several hours and a few "fresh air" breaks, but in the end, I'm pretty happy.  There's something to be said for having a vision and it coming to fruition.  See, I bought a dress on vacation last year, from a store I can't remember.  It was the day before we left to go home, so I just threw it in my suitcase and then dumped it into my "Dresses" bin.  I pulled the dress out of the bin and packed it on a trip to Florida last month.  Turns out... It's my favorite dress of all time.  The frustrating part is, I couldn't remember where I had gotten it and the Internet was no help in finding a similar style.  

The only solution I could think of was to pull out Old Trudy (my sewing machine that's older than probably half the people reading this), and re-create the dress.  Ambitions?  Maybe a little.  I'd call it more like a moment of desperation.  This desperate feeling is one that I've experienced my entire life.  Being an extremely tall and skinny child, I pined after styles that didn't fit my body.  Like pants that covered my ankles or long sleeve shirts that covered my wrists.  A luxury that only average-sized children were able to achieve.  

My mom, a Fashionista herself, found a solution that changed my life forever.  Like her mother, my mom taught me how to sew.  She took me to KMart, bought me one top that I loved, but was too short and one pair of pants that fit me perfectly in the waist and thighs, but came up to my mid-shin.  She then taught me to rip all the stitches holding the garments together, create a pattern using the all the pieces, and then added length to all the ends.  We then went to the fabric store and chose material, similar to the original and colors that only my wildest dreams could come up with and re-created pants and tops galore.

Pretty awesome, right?  The skill of sewing has opened a world of endless possibilities, and although I'm not great at it and never had any formal training, I can make a dress.  I can actually make a million dresses!  I now have a pattern I created from my favorite dress and can re-create a style that is extremely flattering to my body with material and prints that make you say, "wow".  

You too can make a dress.  Watch You Tube tutorials.  Take a sewing class.  Visit a fabric store for inspiration.  You can purchase step-by-step patterns that can be sewn by hand or machine.  The possibilities are endless and the styles can be as wild as your imagination.  My only advice is, take your time and you ARE going to make mistakes.  Purchase extra material, so you can make one dress (that you'll probably mess up on) and then one dress that you learned your mistakes on.

I got the material to make my homemade dress from JoAnn Fabrics.
My faux leather jacket is from Target.
My over-the-knee boots are Aldo.

Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Rock Faux Fur This Winter

What to do when you’re a passionate fighter for animal rights but have a fashionable soul that finds fur really appealing? Well, rock faux fur, of course. It looks great, it keeps you warm during colder winter months and there’s no animal cruelty involved. Still, if you’re new to this trend, you might benefit from some tips and trick on how to enjoy faux fur garments and accessories confidently. In that respect, following points can prove to be very helpful for upgrading your own fashion style.

Furry hats
Balance is still the biggest factor in determining whether your faux fur hat will look great or out of place. Combining fur hats with fur coats may be the hardest thing to pull off when putting an outfit together. Still, if you stick to the simple hat lines and neutral colors that don’t clash with your coat, you’re good to go. On the other hand, a fabulous faux fur hat can spice up any plain outfit, especially if it’s the only fur detail in your attire. Then again, if you’re wearing all black and elegant outfit, matching the fur hat to your gloves during winter can make a big difference.

Fluffy Coats
If you follow the world’s famous fashion bloggers, observe street fashion and keep track of latest runway projects, you definitely noticed the burst in faux fur popularity. In general, fur coats have become a fashion statement. You can find amazing pieces in different cuts, colors and patterns. Still, if you want to jazz up your winter wear with a gaudy faux fur coat, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple, with just few decorative bits. In this case, there’s a fine line between looking as a runway model and a masquerade champ. “Less is more” approach will help you achieve the first one.

Warm Shoes
Fluffy faux fur boots are making a comeback in contemporary fashion. They look best when combined with skinny jeans, but wearing these with shorts or skater skirts and tights has also become characteristic of street fashion. Baggy or loose pants and mid-length or really long skirts and dresses do not match well with this type of footwear. What’s more, these boots will keep you warm but they won't be the best choice when it rains or snows outside. If you’re interested in furry details, you’ll be glad to know that there are many elegant stilettos and sandals with delicate faux fur decorative bits available. These can be freely paired with various outfits.

Cuddly Bags
Rocking a faux fur bag has become a really popular trend recently, especially when it comes to adding a unique twist to your fabulous ladies clothing. Depending on your usual outfit combinations, you should strive to find a bag that matches and upgrades your overall style. Still, bags are generally the first to get dirty or shabby, so make sure to take regular and proper care of your furry bag as well. Otherwise, it won’t look flattering and fashionable at all.

Foxy Details
If you don’t want to feature faux fur too much in your outfit but still want the texture it provides, you can always opt for jackets and coats that have faux fur trim or lining. In this case, colorblocking with bright faux fur has taken the fashion world by storm.

In the end, it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you really want to get on the faux fur band wagon, but have no prior experience, start with baby steps. Introducing furry accessories and details gradually will effectively help you discover your own take on faux fur fashion.

This article was written by:
Peter Minkoff with High Style Life Magazine

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Aisle Style

This dress makes me want to get married... again... To my husband, of course.  Ironically, we'll be renewing our vows and celebrating our 10th Anniversary in August, so I just might get the opportunity to wear this dress.  My budget isn't quite what it was when I got married the first time, so thank goodness I found Aisle Style.  

Aisle Style was founded in 2007 and is a global online retailer of evening dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses, and dresses for special occasions. Our factory and Operations are located in the city of Suzhou, China.
With Aisle Style turn every event into a huge party!
Looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion? Become the queen of the ball at every party! With us you will find your dream dress, because we know what makes a festive dress! Whether you are looking for the latest trend or timeless elegance! Choose from more than 1200 different models!
Aisle Style guarantees the best quality at a reasonable price!
We only select the highest quality materials and manufacturers, and produce all collections with great attention to detail! The tailor-made models guarantee you maximum comfort. We guarantee you will be at ease in each one of our dresses.
All our models are incredibly affordable. With Aisle Style you can save up to 60% compared to our competitors. Get perfect designs at reasonable prices.
Delivery at any time to any place!
You will receive your ordered products on time, because we ship our goods around the world with reputable international logistics service providers such as DHL or UPS. We offer you both Express Deliveries and different price options.

Aisle Style has all the 2017 Wedding Dress styles your heart can desire, at a fraction of the boutique price.  From mermaid, lace, short, long sleeve, ball gown, beach, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.  I've seen similar dresses on other sites for more than double the price Aisle Style offers.

One of the hottest trends for 2017 are Lace Wedding Dresses.  Lace is classic.  For years, tulle was all the rage.  The bigger the better, when it came to skirts.  Now, the silhouette is more sleek and understated.  You'll find wedding dresses with lace bodice, lace sleeves and like the stunning lace dress pictured above from Aisle Style, lace from top to bottom.  One piece of advice, if you do wear a lace wedding gown on your big day, be sure to have it cleaned and preserved afterwards.  Such a classic dress, should be handed down.  

Whether you're getting married this year, or like me, renewing your vows to the man of your life, be sure to check out Aisle Style first for all your wedding attire needs.  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Amy's Undies

This is the first time I've discussed undergarments on my Blog.  Which is pretty crazy, because your undergarments are so instrumental in your total look.  Undergarment no-no's can change, just as quickly as fashion does, but one of the biggest (which still makes me cringe when I see it) are panty lines.  I mean, I get it.  Thongs are not as comfortable as regular panties.  I struggle daily with wanting more comfort and coverage, but knowing panty line exposure is unacceptable.  There are a few clothing items that USUALLY require a thong: (1) Yoga pants, (2) Leggings and (3) Skinny jeans.  I call them non-thong-negotiables.

Well, it might just be time to start negotiating.  I emphasize "USUALLY" because there's a new kind of underwear out there that's changing all the rules.  They're called Amy's Undies and this revolutionary underwear is saying NO to "one size fits all".  We were all born with different body types and that includes the width of your thigh, waist and especially the size of your booty.  Amy's Undies are designed to fit any type of women's body.  Measuring around the high hip and the low hip, you find your personal difference.  Standard underwear have all the same "difference" for women.  Amy's Undies give you a custom difference in their sizing, allowing your underwear to fit right and never need to be adjusted.

With a stretchy lace waistband and soft, breathable material, Amy's Undies defy all panty line rules.  Watch this quick tutorial on how to find your measurements, which determines your difference HERE and check out all the different sizes and styles of Amy's Undies HERE.

"With Amy's Curve Sizing , we have expanded the sizing system by an additional 15 sizes to fit those of us that have been gifted with more in the backside than what manufacturers consider a woman has.
Traditional sizing allows for XS, S, M, L, XL etc. We have expanded on this to add the Curve that increases the sizes available by more than 300%.
If you suffer from eternal wedgies due to having your plumper backside being pushed into "normal butt" panties, be relieved, our patent pending sizing system ensures that is a thing of the past."  -Amy

Amy's Undies come in three styles: Cheeky, Boy Shorts and Bikini.  My personal favorite are the Cheeky, but if you're looking for a little more booty coverage, the Bikini is a great option.  I sent Amy my high and low waist measurements, and my underwear fit perfectly.  The Boyshorts eliminate the panty line problem, while still offering comfort and coverage.  I personally find Amy's Undies to be the "next thing" in underwear and love that they embrace that women are not "one size fits all".