Sunday, November 30, 2014

Workout Clothes Everyday?

Every weekday morning, I put my gym clothes on and drop my little one off at school.  Because I'm going to the gym immediately after I drop him off, right?  I mean sometimes.  Yes, I end up at the gym, but that doesn't mean that I'm not running to the grocery store and Post Office first.  Heaven knows I can't run my errands after I'm all sweaty. 

The question is: Can you wear workout clothes for everyday?  In my opinion, yes.  Workout clothes are comfortable, sporty and as long as your intentions are to workout, this look can be done.  Of course there are places that are inappropriate to wear workout clothes.  But I did just read an article in my InStyle Magazine where it featured the growing trend of athletic apparel being incorporated with everyday looks.  Meaning, women wearing running shoes with their jeans and a Nike pullover.

I have recently discovered Target's running leggings in an awesome array of prints and colors.  They have inspired me to not only feel great at the gym, but also to have the confidence to drop my kids off at school and run around town without feeling frumpy.  I eventually shower and put on heels for lunch with the girls, but don't be shy to try the growing trend of workout clothes for everyday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shopping Tip #2

The biggest complaint I hear when I go shopping with a Client is that they like separate pieces, but don't know how to put them together to make a look.  My Shopping Tip #1 was to notice that stores usually put coordinating pieces all on the same rack.  The pants that you like will most likely have a top that goes perfectly right near it.  Don't over think it.  The stores are trying to help you.

My #2 shopping tip is to look at what the store has on display.  Take the mannequins displayed at Bon Ton, for example.  Like the blue sweater with leggings and boots look?  I know I do.  Luckily, directly behind the display, you will find all the pieces to complete this look.  Just remember to always try everything on.  It's much more time consuming to go back to the Mall a second time because you didn't try things on and they don't fit.

If you can't find what you're looking for or just have questions about the look, don't hesitate to ask an associate for help.  I rarely meet someone that works in retail that doesn't have a passion for it.  These people are working long nights and weekends on their feet so they can make you look fabulous.  Or, if you still are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process of shopping, call me.  It's what I do.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wanted: Fur Vest

I always have a clothing item or accessory on my list of "wants".  My mother taught me a long time ago that there's a difference between "wanting" and "needing" something when you're shopping.  I usually wait when I want something.  It will go one of two ways: 1.) I lose sleep over how badly I want it, so it eventually turns into something I need and I buy it, or 2.) I get over it and move on to the next desired item.  So far, I've had many sleepless nights over this fur vest. 

No, technically I don't need it.  But my goodness, I could think of a million ways to wear it.  I love how Francesca's belted it and layered it on top of a bright top and leather skirt.  It totally justifies wearing a skirt in the winter.  It's also the perfect piece to add to any otherwise boring outfit.  Wearing black skinnies with a black top cause you heard black make you look skinny and you're having a fat day?  Layer the fur vest on top and you're hiding your paunch and making your outfit so much more chic.

Okay, that's it.  I've officially talked myself into "needing" not "wanting" a fur vest immediately.  Thanks for listening.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Two Piece Suit

Oh, the forgotten wardrobe staple... a two piece suit.  We usually think of it as a blazer paired with a matching skirt or pants.  Most people have at least one two piece suit.  They pull it out for a job interview or a funeral.  Tragedy.  An absolute tragedy that one would wear the same thing to such very different occasions. 
A two piece suit can have so much more power.  First of all, you can always guarantee you have something in your closet that matches.  The top and bottom of your two piece suit always match.  The confidence that your outfit matches perfectly is pretty powerful.  A two piece suit also has the power to coordinate into two different outfits.  A different top with your suit bottom and a pair of jeans to wear with your suit top. 
My two piece suit is from  They have a ton of fun two piece suits (along with a ton of affordable clothing and accessories), but beware, it's a company in China and their tops run significantly larger than their bottoms.  If you tend to run a bit bigger on the bottom compared to your top, you'll want to order pieces separately.  And that goes for any type of suit.  Buying the top and bottom separately guarantees a good fit.     
Don't forget about how powerful and versatile a two piece suit can be.  A little tip: Calvin Klein has the most amazing line of suit separates and you can actually get them for a steal at Burlington Coat Factory.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shopping Tip #1

One very common complaint I hear from Clients when I'm Personal Shopping is that they don't know what pieces coordinate with what.  You walk into a store and you're instantly overwhelmed with all the options.  The lights are bright, the music is loud, you look around and all you see are size 2's.  That's great if you've had six cups of coffee and you're a size 2.  Your instincts tell you to turn around and run.

Instead of running, take a deep breath and remember Chelsea's Shopping Tip #1.  Find one item that you like and approach the rack.  The clothes are hung from the smallest size in the front to the largest size in the back.  Find your size, and depending on whether it looks a little small or large, also grab one size up or down. 

Clothing racks normally have several bars on each rack and believe it or not, the clothing companies are trying to make coordinating your clothes easier than you think.  Right next to that beautiful burgundy blouse (pictured above at H&M) lies a pair of black skinny trousers.  Coincidence?  I think not.  They go together perfectly.  Grab your size and the next size up or down.  WHAT?  Right next to the blouse and pants hangs a versatile black and white blazer with leather embellishments?  Yup.  Get two of those and head for the dressing room.

You must try things on.  You're a fool if you think that you don't need to.  Fit depends on so much more than size.  The fabric, the cut, even the style can all have a major impact on how things fit.  So, you tried on the blouse, the pants and the blazer.  Thank goodness you grabbed two sizes of each because maybe the pants ran a little big or the sleeves on the blouse were too long on the larger size.  Keep what you love, toss what you don't and get ready to tackle the next rack of coordinates.

Shopping can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.  Walking out of a store feeling confident in your purchases will radiate throughout your life.  When you look good, you feel good.  I have many more shopping tips, but that's for another blog.  Try my Shopping Tip #1 and I would love to hear about your experience!  Still feeling overwhelmed?  Personal Shopping is my thing.  E-mail me at