Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One Piece

That's right people!  Put your tiny bikini aside and try a one piece this summer.  For years, one piece bathing suits were only for your moms, but they're all the rage right now and you can get this sexy black and white piece for only $13.50.  This style not exactly yours, ROMWE has tons of adorable one pieces and bikinis all at amazing prices.  Take a look at all their swimwear here.  You can have fun and look amazing at the beach this summer, in a one piece bathing suit!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Little Black Dress Upgrade

I've recently upgraded my little black dress.  This one is from Boutique of Molly and it has three distinct upgrades from the usual basic black cocktail dress. 

Upgrade #1
The exposed zipper up the back of the dress is everything.  It gives it an edgy, fun feel.  A bit of an embellishment, you could say.  Speaking of embellishments...
Upgrade #2
The beading and jewels around the neckline and waist makes this little black dress stand out.  And I love that there's no excessive jewelry needed.  A watch, pair of pumps and the look is complete.
Upgrade #3
I'm a huge fan of cut outs and this dress doesn't disappoint.  The cut outs are placed perfectly on the smallest part of my waist, completely complimenting my silhouette.  These cut outs really give this little black dress a sex appeal that keeps it classy.
Time to upgrade your little black dress today.  Check out all the gorgeous dresses Boutique of Molly has and if you e-mail me and request a coupon code, you'll get 20% OFF your order! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Love Affair: Chloe + Isabel

Don't worry.  My husband is well aware of my love affair.  Actually, he's totally cool with it.  Once he saw that one pair of gorgeous earrings (that were under $50) became two pairs of earrings, he was in love too!  I'm totally in love with a line of jewelry called Chloe + Isabel

Not only are their pieces stunning, but I'm totally obsessed that many of them are convertible.  Take the Meridian Convertible Post Earrings I'm wearing, for example.  They are actually studs that can be converted into long danglers, depending on the look I'm going for.  Two pairs of earring in one.  Love it.  The Meridian Statement Necklace is something that I'll wear for day and evening looks.  Although it's not a convertible piece, it's absolutely beautiful and affordable.  It's the perfect compliment to my cobalt dress I'm wearing it with.

I'll be visiting Chloe + Isabel frequently for new jewelry.  I love the balance of mixed metals and statement pieces, convertibles and colors they carry.  Check out all their beautiful pieces for purchase here.  I'm having a Chloe + Isabel Pop-Up Party soon, so keep your eyes peeled for your invite!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Portland Pride

I want to start with a fact.  The original Portland IS Portland, Maine.  Portland, Oregon was named after Portland, Maine.  So don't get it twisted.  I love this little City and the summer festivals are plentiful.  My absolute favorite festival is today and I couldn't be more excited.  It's the Pride Festival and it's awesome for two reasons.  First is that I'm a HUGE supporter of the LBGT (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender) community.  Always have been.  Love and live how you want.  No one should tell you otherwise.  Second, the sights are AWESOME!  I've never seen a more entertaining parade in the world.  Disney has nothing on the Portland Pride Parade.

With all that said, this year I'm representing my husband's seafood company, Free Range Fish & Lobster and marching in the parade, for the first time.  I've always been a spectator, but I'm really proud to march this year and support all our friends, family and co-workers.  The part I'm particularly excited about is my outfit!  I mean, if I wore pasties and a thong, I wouldn't stand out at all, so I know I need to do something a little different. 

Adorable is really the look I'm going for.  My white platform shoes are incredibly comfortable.  Perfect for the walk down Congress Street in the parade and through the park to Deering Oaks for the festival.  The mini skirt is a feminine take on a rainbow.  Gotta show my rainbow pride.  The pink t-shirt has flutter sleeves, which gives it a girly feel. 

The accessories are what really makes the outfit pop.  The blue watch is my favorite new accessory!  It matches the outfit perfectly, is super comfortable to ware and has bling.  You know I love bling.  I got it from Daily Dazzle Deals.  They have a huge selection of colored watches and the best part is that you can get them starting at $10!  The blue aviators are also from Daily Dazzle Deals and come in a ton of different colors all starting at $10 a piece.  You must check them out.  The white bow puts extra cuteness to the outfit making the whole look totally adorable.

If you live locally, I hope to see you at the Pride Festival.  Look for me in the parade!  If you're not in the REAL Portland, then please go out and support your local LBGT community.  We all deserve to be exactly who we are.

Bow: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Daily Dazzle Deals
Watch: Daily Dazzle Deals
T-Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: (old) Cotton On
White Sandals: Steve Madden

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reunion Romper

I dreaded it for weeks.  My husband's 25th High School Reunion.  Even though we went to his 20th (and it was beyond lame-O), he insisted that we go to his 25th.  I definitely learned a few things from the 20th.  First, my husband was not "popular" in high school, so no one remembers him.  Second, it's a small town and people just don't get dressed up like they do in the City.  Third, drink enough alcohol that I can talk to everyone, but not too much that I can't talk to anyone.  With all that said, I survived.  Barely, but I'm still here to blog about it.

At his 20th, I wore a Hermes cocktail dress and pointy 6" stilettos and looked ridiculous amongst a group of jean and sweatshirt wearing folk.  So, this year I smartened up and toned it down a bit.  A pair of tan wedges, because I knew my husband was going to make me walk all through the town and show me where he used to get in all his fights.  A silk purple romper (I got second hand at a Consignment Shop What the Frock?) that's the perfect blend of fun, stylish and casual.  A sparkly envelope clutch, because I HAD to have something dressy and glam.  A perfect look for the dreaded reunion.

All in all, I'm glad we went and I can't say we had fun, but the "experience" was.  Hopefully I can talk my husband out of his 30th (do they even have a 30th?) and talk him into my 20th in 5 years!  Not that it will be any better, but at least I'll know a few folks.  If you're going to your High School Reunion, keep in mind that unless it's held at a formal location, it's going to be a slightly casual environment, so dress appropriately.  A reunion romper is perfect for such event.  Check out all the reunion appropriate dresses and rompers at What the Frock?.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Interview on Bauchle Fashion

I was tickled to be selected for an interview on Bauchle Fashion Blog.  Check out my feature interview here.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Boutique of Molly: 20% OFF to My Folowers

I'm proud to announce that I have been chosen as a Representative for my favorite boutiques, Boutique of Molly.  They have a full line of on-trend clothing pieces that have great prices and next day shipping!  I'm also excited to announce that I'm offering 20% OFF all Boutique of Molly clothing to my followers.  Like the matching set above?  It's 20% OFF.  Remember my adorable floral romper?  (see picture below) 20% OFF!

If you're interested in getting 20% OFF on all their adorable pieces, e-mail me at: to receive a coupon code to use when ordering from Boutique of Molly.  I just ordered this sexy little black dress (see picture below) and will be featuring it soon on my Blog. 
If you're ordering from the US, keep in mind this is a UK based company, so there is a size conversion.  I'm a US size 8, but I order a size 12 UK.  Also, there is a money exchange rate of $1.52 US to 1.00 pounds.  E-mail me with any sizing questions, money exchange rate questions and to get your discount code at:  Check out Boutique of Molly's amazing selection and prices by clicking on any of the Boutique of Molly links.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Goddess Dress

Looking for a perfect summer dress like this Goddess Dress?   Check out all the gorgeous dresses at for amazing prices and selection.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Matching Set 2

As a Fashion Blogger, a lot of what I write is mere opinion.  When a new trend comes out, it's my job to try the trend and let my followers know what I think about it.  It's really the ultimate compliment when someone reads my blog, because they are putting their trust in my fashion opinion.  I want to give all of you a huge THANK YOU!  A Fashion Blogger is nothing if they don't have followers and the fact that I have thousands reaffirms that I just might know a thing or two about this stuff.

Last night as I was thumbing through one of my favorite fashion magazines, InStyle, and came across a two-page spread featuring a look that I blogged about last month, Matching Sets.  I said out loud, "See?  See this?  I just blogged about this look last month!"  Everyone was sleeping, so I was totally talking to myself, but at that moment, I felt damn good.  There was actual proof that a trend I anticipated being huge this summer was right on point.

InStyle Magazine featured the look with lots of crop top options, focusing on making the look more sophisticated.  But matching sets don't have to have a crop top look to ensure you don't look like a 5 year old.  If you're wearing a fuller or longer skirt, the crop top will help break the pattern up so your body doesn't get lost.  If you're not into baring your midriff, pairing a short sleeve top with a short skirt or shorts, the top and bottom can not only touch, but overlap a bit.  For example, see my matching set look below.
Summer is here... unless you live in Maine like me and summer is "almost" here.  Take my fashion (and InStyle's) advice and try a matching set.  You're guaranteed to have a complete look without wondering what to wear with each piece.  The best part is you can mix and match and turn your matching set into several looks.  It's fun, it's flirty and it's right on trend for summer!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Accessorize Summer

Usually summer means less clothes, which is an exciting opportunity to add more accessories.  You can completely change your look with accessories.  Sunglasses are probably my favorite way to accessorize in the summer.  Beyond them being necessary to protect your eyes from the sun's strong summer rays, sunglasses are a fun way to change up your look.  Right now, round sunglasses are the "it" look, but the shape isn't flattering on all facial structures.  My blue, mirrored aviators are a perfect shape for every face.  I got mine from Daily Dazzle Deals.  They have an amazing selection of sunglasses and accessories, for a price that you will love.

Another fun way to accessorize is with your jewelry.  It's funny, right now the jewelry trend seems to be either delicate metals or brightly colored statement jewelry.  My favorite thing to do is to actually mix the two trends.  My look above, I paired a teal beaded bracelet with a delicate silver leaf necklace.  That way, my neck isn't naked and I let the statement bracelet be the star.  I usually suggest only wearing one statement piece at a time.  Too much chunky jewelry will overwhelm your look. 
Less clothes means more accessories.  Have fun with your look and be sure to accessorize your summer.  Sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, bags... pile it on!  Be sure to check out Daily Dazzle Deals for a great selection (that's always changing), prices that can't be beat and service that is exceptional. 
  Teal beaded bracelet:
  Silver leaf necklace:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Romper Season


Just in case you didn't get the romper memo, it's romper season!  I've decided to make it my summer mission to convince you that you CAN wear a romper, by breaking down all my favorite styles.  In my March blog post titled: Dear Romper (a must read), I highlighted all the awesome things I love about rompers.  June, July and August are dedicated to different styles and price ranges of rompers.  There really is one out there for everyone on every budget. 

The romper I'm wearing is called a Playsuit.  I ordered my playsuit online from Boutique of Molly in the UK, and was surprised how quickly it arrived in the mail (about 7 days).  When it came, I quickly opened my package (I loooooove getting packages) and put it on.  It fit perfectly and I loved it even more than I thought I would.  The length on the shorts are perfect, the torso length doesn't give me camel toe and it cinches in at the exact smallest part of my waist.  Playsuit perfection!

The dark floral pattern makes it a perfect romper to transition from day to night.  Florals are usually designated for daytime or casual looks, but with the black background and large flower print, I threw a leather jacket over it and went to dinner!  You never know when that Saturday BBQ is going to turn into drinks downtown.  A romper is a perfect piece to do just that.

A couple things to keep in mind, when ordering from Boutique of Molly, or any other UK based company:  (1) Sizing is different than the US.  I'm an 8 in the US, but I had to order my playsuit in a 12.  I actually originally ordered an 8 and then realized that sizing is different.  I contacted Boutique of Molly shortly after I ordered and they easily made the change to my UK size, 12.  Look up US vs. UK women's size conversion chart, to ensure your correct size.  Also, (2) Be sure you know that the UK exchange rate is $1.52.

I'll be wearing this romper all summer.  It's everything I wanted and more.  Stayed tuned for more posts on different styles of rompers.  There is a romper out there for you!