Tuesday, March 29, 2016



I will admit... When I score an amazing deal, I get a little high.  A little pep in my step.  A little tingly excitement.  I'm then faced with the decision, do I (A) keep my little secret to myself or (B) share my secret with the world.  As a Fashion Blogger, I feel as though I have an obligation to share.  There's no way I can keep my ZARA shopping experience a secret. 

Here's what happened.  I'm in Miami vacationing with my family and my husband must have been in a generous mood (or just sick of the same 2 dresses I was rotating every night) and said, "Honey, you go into ZARA and pick yourself out a fabulous dress for tonight".  I know exactly what that means... Translation: "Chelsea, go in the store that you've been talking about all week and I'll watch the kids, but you only have ten minutes, so hurry"! 

I burst into ZARA with more excitement than I could contain.  I skipped from one rack to another touching everything in my path.  Do I want something suede?  Do I want a boho feel?  Ooooo... I see sparkle.  Ohmigosh, is that a jumpsuit?  All of a sudden I feel completely overwhelmed and look down at my watch.  I have three minutes left.  Three minutes!  I knew that if I took this opportunity to shop for granted, the opportunity wouldn't be granted again.  So, I had to just grab something and hope it wasn't over my (self-set) $100 budget. 

There it was.  An off-white leather detail trimmed short dress.  It was perfect.  Only one?!  And there's no tag?!  Come on.  I don't have time to try it on and I have no idea how much it costs, but my watch and my instincts said, "buy it".  I walked up to the registers and told the sales associate there was no tag on the dress.  He gave me a funny look and asked where I found it.  I told him it was randomly on a rack and asked if it was for sale.  He told me that they got a whole shipment of these highly sought after dresses and they were ALL (or at least he thought) damaged.

His exact words were, "GIIIIRRRRLLLL, I don't know where you found this dress, but it's your lucky day.  I've had women coming in here for a week looking for this exact dress and you're about to get the only one we have for... $12.00".  My jaw dropped.  I tinkled in my pants a little, slammed $12 down on the counter and skipped out of the store.  My husband was impressed that I was within my allotted ten minute window and asked what I got.  I pulled the dress out and he immediately asks, "How much did that cost?  It looks expensive".

It is expensive!  Or at least it was expensive.  I don't know how the heck I scored that dress.  Maybe the shopping Gods were on my side that day.  Maybe all that goodness I put out in the world everyday was paying me back.  Maybe ZARA just made a mistake, but whatever the reason, I got the biggest shopping high that day and I knew I had to share it with the world.

Dress: ZARA
Heels: Steve madden

Monday, March 21, 2016

Customer Service & A Crop Top

I've worked in many aspects of customer service.  It's a thankless job, really. But if you care, the customer will sense and appreciate that.  The more I get bad customer service, the more I appreciate when a retailer goes out of their way to make me happy.  I recently had a slight meltdown over a crop top and was saved by a very calm and kind boutique owner with incredible customer service. 

Boutique of Molly, a boutique that I shop frequently for "of the moment" fashion pieces, tracked down the crop top for me after I had missed the delivery.  I panicked when the delivery driver didn't leave a note telling me which company I needed to request redelivery with.  Boutique of Molly (from overseas, mind you) was able to find my package and tell me exactly where to find it.  I fetched that highly anticipated pink shiny package and as always, Boutique of Molly didn't disappoint. 

Although, I could have been disappointed if I hadn't been contacted by Boutique of Molly after placing my order to inform me that the top I just ordered runs small.  They asked my US size and determined that one size larger than I ordered would probably fit better.  They happily adjusted my order.  I've never experienced a retailer that truly cares more about their customer's satisfaction more than Boutique of Molly.   

The said crop top is definitely going to be a wardrobe staple in my closet all Spring and Summer.  Just like Boutique of Molly said, a size up was perfect.  One thing about highly revealing clothes is that if you're showing lots of skin (especially your midriff), you don't want it to be tight, as well.  Crop tops are all about balance and this one has exactly that.   

When sporting a crop top, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you will be baring your belly.  The best way to show off your new Spring abs is by pairing your crop top with bottoms that don't pinch, bunch or roll.  A high waisted pair of denim cut offs, a pair of black jeans with some stretch, a shirred maxi skirt are all perfect compliments to a crop top.  Don't forget something to layer over your top when you walk into a nice restaurant, the library, school, etc.  Basically anywhere that you don't want to reveal too much.  Dressing respectfully in certain establishments is essential.
A huge thank you to Boutique of Molly for understanding that customer service absolutely matters.  I have been a loyal customer of theirs for a few years and will stay that way.  Their pieces are well made, always fit perfectly (thanks to their attention to detail) and are always fashionably on point.  I highly suggest visiting their site HERE for all their incredible pieces at reasonable prices.  I also want to thank Heather Reed for modeling the crop top for me on a freezing cold day in Maine.  The girl never complained once as I dragged her to all the fun graffiti spots in 30 degrees.
Heather is wearing:
Duster Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Black Jeans: American Eagle
Sneakers: Nike
Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut

Monday, March 14, 2016

Little White Dress

We've all heard of the little black dress (LBD).  Every woman should own one.  It's their go-to dress when you get that last minute call that your friend needs a plus one... tonight!  You throw it on and know your look is on point.  Personally, I own at least three little black dresses.  All with different variations, depending on the occasion and my mood.  If you don't own at least one little black dress, call me and I'll help you find the perfect one.

Although black is universally flattering, a little white dress is going to turn heads...  And I've found the perfect one.  It's from ASPIRA CLOTHING and it's going to be a staple in my closet this spring and summer.  This dress fit perfectly.  There are two features to this dress that make it completely unique to anything you'll find at your local boutiques.  For starters, the long sleeves give the fitted short dress balance.  Short sleeves or a sleeveless look would make this dress too revealing.  To add an element of fun and excitement, the inverted triangle cut out is everything. 

ASPIRA CLOTHING not only has an incredible selection of fashionable apparel, but they also have a full selection of accessories to complete your look.  The owner got wind that I was a Fashion Blogger and sent a few accessories along with my order (check out those white cat eye sunglasses), all wrapped in beautiful gold packaging.  I will be ordering from ASPIRA CLOTHING regularly, and can't wait to feature each piece as they arrive. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a little white dress.  If it's above the knee, make sure the dress has a sleeve for balance so it's not too revealing.  Make sure the dress is lined (this dress from ASPIRA is made from a high quality material and was lined in all the necessary places).  The last thing you want is any body part, scar, tattoo, etc. peaking through.  Let's keep a little to the imagination.  Lastly, consider an embellishment, a cut out, a ruffle, something to make your little white dress a unique conversation piece.

You're going to turn heads this spring in a little white dress.  Find your perfect style and wear it all season.  Don't forget to check out ASPIRA CLOTHING to score my little white dress and many more fresh styles.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Bag Obsession: STEFKA

I'm rough on bags.  There's no two ways about it.  I'm always on the go and a flimsy purse just won't cut it.  So I'm always looking for something with structure, strength and of course it has to be fashionable.  I have found a line of bags that not only meet all my requirements, they absolutely exceed.  Call it a "Bag Obsession: STEFKA Bags". 
STEFKA Bags are designed and handmade in the USA.  To us Americans, that means everything.  STEFKA has cross body bags, hand bags, mini totes, etc. and they're all incredible.  I know I could throw everything I need into a STEFKA Bag and be hands free for the rest of the day.  The quality and design are incredible and every bag transitions perfectly from your day to night look.  I want one in every color and design. 
Right now, you can pre-order your STEFKA Bag on their site.  They're affordably priced and in production as we speak right in New York City.  Read more about STEFKA Bags and their designer:
Stefka handbags are meticulously designed with attention to every detail. 
Stephanie's inspiration from structure and modern architecture is obvious. 
Our customers are women who appreciate clean, modern lines and a timeless look. 
However each bag features an intricate detail to set Stefka apart from the rest.

Previously hand-making all of her pieces, she decided it was time to take Stefka to 
the next level and set out to find a manufacturer. In keeping a promise to herself she 
wanted to keep manufacturing in America, even better, in NYC.

Stephanie has deep roots in New York City, her grandmother and mother were born and 
raised in Manhattan. Needless to say, a love of fashion, architecture, and design have been 
ever present in her life. Learning to sew at a very young age, watching her mother design 
clothing, drawing, painting and being creative all her life has played a very important part 
in bringing Stefka to be.

Inspiration for the collection comes mostly from a love of structure and organized clean lines. 
Wanting the bags to be timeless and something you can grab from your closet for years and 
years. However Stephanie likes to keep things interesting and more importantly, original by 
adding little details that are unexpected, be it the way the straps are connected or the 
silhouette of the bag itself.

Stefka handbags are made using a heavy weight leather, that will hold up the structure 
commanded by each design. The type of leather used is mostly vegetable tanned leather 
which only gets better with age.

Stefka is a new brand formed from a love of design and well made products. Stephanie's 
mission is to use American manufacturers, and to continue to produce classic pieces 
that can be used everyday, be it the beach, travel, shopping, brunch, date night etc etc.