Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Universally Flattering Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits, although totally on trend, can sometimes be difficult to wear.  I know, all you shorties have the same defense, "Of course it looks good on you.  You're tall.  I can't wear that because I'm short."  Lame.  Lame excuse for not trying a jumpsuit.  Lame excuse for not trying anything!  Jumpsuits can look just as good on me as on any body type.  You just need to find a style that compliments your body type.  What's that?  I have done the work for you?  Say thank you and keep on reading...

You actually may have seen this style jumpsuit on me before.

Like HERE:
Or how about THIS ONE:
Before, I thought I had to go to Miami, FL to get this amazingly flattering jumpsuit.  Now, I found it on one of my favorite sites T Marie's Online Boutique.  They have an incredible selection of apparel, accessories and gifts at prices that won't break the bank.  Now I don't have to travel to Miami to get anything but a sweet tan and eye candy.
There's a few reasons why this style jumpsuit looks so good on everyone.  First, the wide leg pant style is roomie enough to conceal even the widest hips.  The waist has a drawstring, which allows you to adjust the length of the inseam and also, cinch your waist at the smallest part that's right for you.  I have long legs and a thicker waist, so cinching at my hips works perfect.  If you have a small waist and shorter legs, cinch just below your rib cage to elongate the appearance of those legs.  Lastly, the shoulder straps are also adjustable.  Have a short waist?  No problem.  Just adjust the straps a bit tighter.  A long torso?  Let the shoulder straps out a little.  The material feels almost like silk (but isn't, so it doesn't wrinkle).  It's the ultimate packable piece for any occasion.
You can wear a jumpsuit.  You should wear a jumpsuit. If we know anything about the 70's, they won't be around forever.  Don't break the bank on this trendy item.  Order one from T Marie's Online Boutique.  This universally flattering style will work on any body type... including you! 
A message from T Marie's Online Boutique:

We offer an interest and penalty free Buyers Layaway program to our customers that are on a budget. With our Online Boutiques In Store Concierge customers are able to chat live with an in store sales woman in regards to any questions in size, fit, material, shipping, layaway, payment, or inventory etc. Every Friday we have our Retail Therapy Fridays where we have featured merchandise on sale for 40%-50% off, new featured items are posted every Friday and the deals last all week long. You can learn more about our amazing features at our website. 

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